Corporate Social Responsibility program

Since 2009, IPPAG has set up a Corporate Social Responsibility program which guarantees the inspection of most of the factories and suppliers with whom we work.

Thanks to these inspections, we are able to offer a solid network of partners meeting all of our industry’s required ethical standards. Locally, and with the aim of supporting human rights, we sponsor organisations dedicated to vulnerable people suffering from substance addiction or mental health disorders.

Environmental Protection

As part of our commitment to environmental protection, we have reviewed our internal processes in order to enhance recovery and recycling of paper, and reduce paper usage.

These efforts have enabled us to recycle an average of 500kg of paper and 30kg of plastic per year, and we have reduced our internal paper usage by 80%. Our ink cartridges and IT infrastructure are also routinely recycled. Additionally, in order to encourage our clients to purchase recycled and eco-friendly items, we offer a complete range of quality green-certified products.