How do we work?

To guarantee impeccable service and competitively-priced products of exceptional quality, our method is three-fold:

We establish valuable international partnerships

We maintain long-standing relationships with specialized suppliers

We hire professionals

Our professional team of advisors accompanies you in the choice of the perfect objects for your brand.
We offer a large variety of products that are either made locally, or imported from Asia or Europe.
Our core values include the respect for the environment and for human rights.
For this reason, we lean towards recycled and biodegradable products, and we make sure that our
imports come exclusively from factories respectful of human rights.

Communicating through objects Why? How does it work?

Object communication is one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience.

This form of communication enables you to increase customer loyalty, launch a new product, thank your business partners, and distribute and strengthen your brand. Communicating through objects can be done in three main ways.

Commercial-promotion-iconCommercial promotion

Onpacks in supermarkets or gifts given upon purchase

Promotional items

Common items include t-shirts, caps, keychains, pens, bags, mugs or mouse pads.

Corporate gifts

A good way of showing appreciation to employees, colleagues and partners on special occasions such as closures of deals, promotions or anniversaries.