Straight to your doorstep !

Once your order is ready, we offer a personalised delivery service designed according to your specific needs. Whether delivered straight to your office or to your home address, your products will get to you safely, and according to a scheduled delivery time.

Our delivery service is free of charge once your order reaches a certain volume of products, and it can be  personalised as follows:

  • Delivery of your entire order to your office or home address
  • In case of a one-time promotional event: delivery of your order to your campaign location on the day of your event
  • VIP Delivery of your corporate gifts to your partners
  • Delivery of part of your order to a specific location, and distribution of the rest of the order to your partners

The delivery services listed above are provided as examples only. Our delivery services can be fully adapted to your specific needs. Our team is at your disposal for any additional information.


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