The selection criteria to integrate this Cooperative are strict.

Each member must be a market leader in its country of origin, and it must provide services and products of exceptional quality and reliability. Versopub is the proud representative of Mauritius in the IPPAG.

The benefits of being a member of the IPPAG

Like all Economic Interest Groups, the IPPAG aims to reinforce the autonomy and level of professionalism of each member by pooling together the strengths, competencies, networks, knowledge, services, and resources of all members.
Members benefit from this network of market leaders by acquiring new competencies and know-how, in addition to a unique and comprehensive perspective onto the global market for promotional items.

Close collaboration among members also enables members:

  • To take advantage of a stronger, common purchasing power, thereby strengthening the control and management of product sourcing
  • To choose suppliers who meet our set standards and who abide by our code of conduct
  • To benefit from simplified warehousing and distribution services around the world;
  • To develop our know-how and competencies on the use of promotional products as an essential element of a marketing strategy
  • To participate and support international service actions like the United Nations Global Compact, to which the IPPAG is a signatory.

Values shared among IPPAG members include an acute sense of responsibility, recognised quality standards, an understanding of the market, a global vision, and a thirst for innovation. These values are reflected in all interactions with suppliers, service providers, and clients.