Uncompromising quality !

The acceptable quality limit (AQL) is one of the most important quality criteria. This rate, expressed as a percentage, refers to the maximum level of defects tolerated in a production line.

It is thus a tool whose function is to measure the quality of an order before delivery to our offices. The AQL standard we use for the quality control of our products is major 2.5, minor 4.


After the order has been created, a second inspection is carried out directly in our offices. This inspection includes counting and verifying the products, taking into account general quality,
labelling, functioning, and utility.


To ensure that the products will not be damaged during delivery, and that they are delivered in perfect condition, we also take the responsibility of packaging all the items.


An export service that includes logistics is also offered to all customers wishing to distribute their products in the Indian Ocean and European region. Logistics
include all necessary paperwork and
compliance certificates.


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